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At M3 Creative, we celebrate life, light, and love! We understand that each child is unique and our Couture Couture Portrait Experience is no exception!

Our fine art sessions are designed to give your child an experience they will never forget. You'll be amazed at the self-confidence and well-deserved pride that exudes from your child after viewing their images for the first time.

Let us guide you through the process as we help you plan and design a session that will tell your child's story for generations to come.

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A look at the journey

The Couture Experience

You’ve looked around at the walls at home and flipped through that photo album on your coffee table, and now you’ve come to the realization that you need updated portraits.

The first step? Finding a photographer. It’s going to be the first decision of many in the process of planning a portrait session. The good news is once you’ve chosen M3 Creative, the hardest decision in that planning process is over! Now you have a personal guide… a partner to help that vision of your dream portrait come to life.

Our Signature Experience is a custom, personalized process from beginning to end. It is the perfect choice for those who want and demand superior quality and 5-star service.

Our signature Experience

Professional guidance from start to finish



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Helping Peoria families celebrate their kids
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Couture Gowns
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Professional Hair and MakeUp available as an add-on

Props, Accessories, and
Green Screen Composites

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The Storybook Experience

Watch as your child is magically transformed and enters a storybook adventure that could only exist in their imaginations.

Our Storybook Experience is designed to give your child an experience they will never forget. Images from your session are combined with magical backgrounds or edited using our storybook edits to transform your child from a standard portrait session to a fantastical world.

They won't  believe their eyes when they see themselves flying with fairies, walking the steps of the castle in her glass slipper, or soaring through the skies on his very own dragon.

These experiences are custom created and a single image takes multiple hours in editing and production.

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Where Do We Start?

One of the first questions we ask at M3 Creative is also the most important question in the process:

Where will your photos live? On the wall? In an album?

Why is this the first question we ask? Just like that 3 Michelin star gourmet chef who holds the title of best chef in the world can't plan a stellar award winning dinner without ingredients, we can't plan the dream session you envision unless we know what you want your end result to be. How do we do that exactly? We start at the finish line! Our simple 4-step process is the key to that end result and your photography vision becoming a reality!

The Consultation
The Session
The Ordering Appointment
The Delivery

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